If you’re interested in owning some Genesis Coins, you’re in luck as there are several ways to get your hands on some!


1) Trade Genesis on Exchanges

You can currently buy and sell Genesis Coins on the following exchanges:






2) Earn through the Genesis Forum

You can earn Genesis Points by being active on the community forum. You can convert these points into real Genesis Coins that will get sent straight to your wallet when you cash them out.

Every member who joins the forum will receive 200 Genesis Points upon registering an account here.


3) Bounties

There are several bounties that you can complete which reward you with Genesis Coins.

For more details, please go here.


4) HODL Program

Starting from December 31, everyone who has 5000 Genesis Coins or more in their wallet on December 31 will receive interest and earn free Genesis Coins.

Please go here for more details on the HODL Program.