With the Genesis HODL Program, holders of Genesis Coins can increase their stack just by holding GEN in their wallets! It's our way of rewarding our community for believing in the Genesis project.


1. Make sure you have 5000 or more GEN in your Ethereum wallet. You can purchase Genesis Coins from any of the listed exchanges

2. On the last day of each month, we'll take a screenshot of all wallets that hold Genesis Coins to see who qualifies for that month's interest!

3. If you have 5000 or more GEN in your wallet at the time of the screenshot, your free Genesis Coins will be sent to your wallet within a few days!


How much GEN will I receive by holding Genesis Coins?

The current interest rate for the HODL Program is 2%, meaning anyone who meets the threshold will receive 2% of their total balance each month.

If my Genesis Coins are kept in an exchange's wallet, do I qualify?

No, you must move your Genesis Coins to an Ethereum wallet. This is so that your wallet address displays on Etherscan and can therefore be recorded.

What happens if I sell or move my Genesis Coins? 

Only Ethereum wallets with at least 5000 GEN will qualify.

How do I join?

As long as you have 5000 GEN or more in an Ethereum wallet, you'll be automatically entered into the program.

Can I re-join if I sold and re-bought Genesis Coins?

Yes! Each screenshot is done on a month-by-month basis. That means that all you need to do is meet the threshold for that month to qualify.