Major Update: Announcing the Genesis Marketplace

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2018 has been a tough year for crypto all round and none have felt the negative effects of the bear market harder than altcoins, including Ethereum. Since our last update post, however, I am pleased to reveal that work on the future of Genesis has progressed greatly, even if the crypto market has not. However, I firstly want to thank … Read More

Genesis March Airdrop 1 is Live, Apply Now!

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Throughout March Genesis will be holding three airdrops which will be giving away a total of 500,000 GEN for free to members of the community. Each airdrop will drop a different total amount of GEN coins with each person receiving a different amount of GEN depending on the Airdrop. Here are the dates for the three Airdrops in March. Airdrop … Read More

Genesis Now Trading on Token.Store

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We bring good news! Genesis has now officially been listed on Token Store and is available to trade right now! We are pleased to be working with Token Store to bring an additional exchange for Genesis to the table. It’s been a long time coming and we’re happy that we are now trading on another exchange. From our own personal … Read More

Genesis Web Wallet Released

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We’re pleased to announce that we have now released the Genesis Web Wallet! We hope that you find it easy to use and most importantly, useful. To use the wallet, go to Right now, the wallet is only available to Desktop users with a browser compatible with MetaMask. You must also have MetaMask installed for the wallet to work, otherwise … Read More

The Genesis Forum is Now Live!

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We are pleased to announce that the Genesis Forum is now live and that anyone can register for an account and join our growing community! We believe that this forum will help push the community aspect of Genesis further and provide a place where all members of the community can come together and discuss everything related to Genesis and cryptocurrency … Read More

Details for Airdrop 2.1 on Friday November 3

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It’s been a busy week following the launch of our second airdrop. It was a huge success as we quickly hit the limit within 30 minutes. In all, around 950 applications were received to join the second airdrop, however only 507 applications were successful.   This airdrop was for 750 participants to receive 3000 GEN each. We had made several changes … Read More