Genesis Coin has a Bounty Fund of 2,500,000 coins to be given as rewards to members of our community for contributing to the Genesis project in a positive way.

There are lots of different ways for you to earn a Genesis Bounty, each rewarding a different amount of coins based on the action taken.

Below is our current list of Bounty Rewards:

Standard Quality: 200 GEN
Good Quality:     400 GEN
High Quality:     600 GEN

Rules And Terms:
1.) Article must be specifically written for this bounty.
2.) Must be original and not copied from ANN or Genesis website.
3.) Must have minimum of two links to genesis website and ANN thread.
4.) Must be available publicly to everyone who wishes to read it.


Standard Quality: 500 GEN
Good Quality:    1000 GEN
High Quality:    1500 GEN

Rules And Terms:
1.) Video must be your own creation and be original.
2.) Must have minimum 75 subscribers
3.)Video must highlight our project in a positive way


Already Completed:
Vietnamese Translation
Indonesian Translation
Russian Translation
Finnish Translation

To claim a article, video and/or translation bounty, please complete this form.