Genesis March Airdrop 1 is Live, Apply Now!

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Throughout March Genesis will be holding three airdrops which will be giving away a total of 500,000 GEN for free to members of the community. Each airdrop will drop a different total amount of GEN coins with each person receiving a different amount of GEN depending on the Airdrop.

Here are the dates for the three Airdrops in March.

Airdrop 1: Friday March 16

Airdrop 2: Wednesday March 21

Airdrop 3: Friday March 30

In total, 600 people will be receiving a free airdrop of GEN coins. Here are the figures for each airdrop.

Airdrop 1 – 300 people will receive 1,000 GEN each  (300,00 GEN in total)

Airdrop 2– 100 people will receive 1,000 GEN each (100,00 GEN in total)

Airdrop 3– 200 people will receive 500 GEN each (100,00 GEN in total)

The airdrops will have slightly different requirements so it is important you read them carefully before applying to ensure that you meet all of the requirements and are successful.

For all of the Airdrops, anyone can apply even if you have already received an Airdrop in the past. However you may only apply and receive one Airdrop in March.

Airdrop 1 Rules

  • Bitcointalk Profile created before February 28
  • Have at least 5 posts
  • Eth address in Location field
  • Following on Twitter
  • Join Telegram group

Airdrop is Now Open!

Airdrop 1 is now live and you can apply to receive the airdrop by filling in the application form here:

Please make sure you fill in the form correctly and that you meet all of the requirements. Applications that contain invalid links or do not meet all of the requirements outlined above will be rejected.

You can keep track of the applications by using this spreadsheet here and navigating to the March 16 tab:

Each successful application that has been processed will be added to the spreadsheet.