Weekly Update: March 12 – Airdrop, Bounty Program & Community Meeting

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In this week’s update, we reveal the details for the upcoming airdrops for March as well as discuss the Bounty Program and the community meeting we will be holding for all Genesis members.


Throughout March Genesis will be holding three airdrops which will be giving away a total of 500,000 GEN for free to members of the community. Each airdrop will drop a different total amount of GEN coins with each person receiving a different amount of GEN depending on the Airdrop.

Here are the dates for the three Airdrops in March.

Airdrop 1: Friday March 16

Airdrop 2: Wednesday March 21

Airdrop 3: Friday March 30

In total, 600 people will be receiving a free airdrop of GEN coins. Here are the figures for each airdrop.

Airdrop 1 - 300 people will receive 1,000 GEN each  (300,00 GEN in total)

Airdrop 2- 100 people will receive 1,000 GEN each (100,00 GEN in total)

Airdrop 3- 200 people will receive 500 GEN each (100,00 GEN in total)

The airdrops will have slightly different requirements so it is important you read them carefully before applying to ensure that you meet all of the requirements and are successful.

For all of the Airdrops, anyone can apply even if you have already received an Airdrop in the past. However you may only apply and receive one Airdrop in March.

For Airdrops 1 & 2, you must meet the following the requirements:

  • Bitcointalk Profile created before February 28
  • Have at least 5 posts
  • Eth address in Location field
  • Following on Twitter
  • Join Telegram group

For Airdrop 3, the requirements are slightly different as you will be required to be signed up to the Genesis Forum.

  • Must be signed up to Genesis Forum
  • Eth Address published in address field on Genesis Forum
  • Following on Twitter
  • Join Telegram group

A post will be made on Friday which will contain the links to the Airdrop Application Form and a spreadsheet will also be provided which will contain all of the successful addresses from applications.


Bounty Program

In addition to the Airdrop, we are also holding a Bounty Program. The program will end once the Bounty Pool has been drained which we anticipate may take a while given that 500,000 Genesis Coins have been put aside for this Bounty Pool. More may be added.

Everyone can claim a Bounty, however you must not claim your Bounty more than once. Anyone found to be cheating will not receive a Bounty.

Bounties for Genesis are as follows:

Joining Forum - 200 GEN Points
Following Twitter - 50 GEN
Retweet - 50 GEN (Maximum of 5 Retweets for Bounty)
Joining Telegram - 50 GEN
Subscribe on Reddit - 25 GEN
Starring our Github Page - 25 GEN
Standard Article ie Steemit - 200 GEN
Good Quality Article ie Blog - 400 GEN
High Quality Article - 600 GEN
YouTube Video - 1000 GEN

If you feel you can offer something else to the Genesis Community such as promoting Genesis in a Facebook community or on a forum, please contact us directly and we’ll be more than happy to pay out additional bounties on a case-by-case basis.

The Bounty Claim Form will be posted on Friday alongside the Airdrop. Once you have filled in your Bounty, please allow some time before payment is made. This is because we anticipate a high volume of claims being made and each claim will be verified and checked thoroughly before pay out. As we will also be doing the same with the Airdrop, our time will be used to the maximum!


Community Meeting

The main vision behind Genesis was building a cryptocurrency community with as much transparency as possible. So far we’ve come a long way since our initial airdrop back in October and without our community, Genesis wouldn’t be where it is today.

To keep Genesis evolving and the community expanding, I would love to have a proper discussion with  members of the Genesis community to discuss what we should do moving forward, what we need to do better and what we are already good at. We’re in this together and I feel it is vitally important that the community has a say in the direction and management of Genesis.

This will be your chance to offer suggestions and improvements for the project as well as share opinions on discussions and ideas that I may have.

This meeting will be held on Friday March 16 at 8pm UK time on Telegram and will be in an invite only group. If you would like to take part in this meeting, please contact Jackson_Genesis on Telegram, message me on the Genesis Forum at Jackson_Genesis or drop me an email at [email protected] - make sure you put the Subject as “Community Meeting Request”. When contacting me, please include your Telegram username so that I can invite you to the group.

Our discussions from the meeting will be shared publicly with the wider community in next week’s Weekly Update.