Weekly Update: February 26 – Token Store Listing, ForkDelta & The Plan for March

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In this week’s update, we discuss Genesis being added to the Token Store exchange, ForkDelta and share the plan for March.

Token Store Listing

Last week we announced that Genesis had been added to the Token Store exchange. It was a great moment for us as we have worked hard to get Genesis added to a new exchange and it’s always nice to be able to make these sort of announcements.

We encourage as many of our community members as possible to give Token Store a try. Just placing some orders helps to generate some movement and interest in Genesis which is what we all want. If you’re new to Token Store and have never used it before, Token Store have written an easy to follow and straight forward guide on how to use their platformI will also be more than happy to provide any support I can - you can ask on Telegram, drop me a message on the forum or post a thread.

For the sake of transparency, we had to pay a listing fee of 500,000 GEN to be added to the exchange. While this is more than we would have liked to have paid, we didn’t have much choice given the current issues with EtherDelta which up until recently was our main trading platform.


As you will all be aware by now, EtherDelta has been experiencing a number of problems which have rendered it pretty much useless. It goes without saying that this isn’t good for Genesis as EtherDelta was our main exchange.

Thankfully, someone has created a fork of the EtherDelta exchange to create ForkDelta to ensure that it stays up and running and actually works. ForkDelta looks very similar to EtherDelta and works in exactly the same way. I didn’t know about ForkDelta until recently so thought I should share it with you guys. Even if you don’t use it for Genesis, it’s still useful to be aware of as you can now trade any of the tokens that were listed on EtherDelta.

Not only that, but everything from EtherDelta has been carried over as it’s a fork. That means that any coins and Ether you had on EtherDelta are also available on ForkDelta.

Make sure you check out Genesis on ForkDelta here.

Plan for March

For March, the main things happening with Genesis will be the launch of three quick-fire airdrops and the release of our bounty program. Each airdrop will be scaled differently and will be as follows:

Airdrop 1 - 300 people will receive 1,000 GEN each meaning a total of 300,000 GEN will be given away.

Airdrop 2 - 100 people will receive 1,000 GEN each meaning a total of 100,000 GEN will be given away.

Airdrop 3- 200 people will receive 500 GEN each meaning a total of 100,000 GEN will be given away.

The requirements for each airdrop will vary and will be announced shortly. We want to make this airdrop as fair as possible so will be using a combination of Bitcointalk and our very own forum to promote the airdrop and ensure participants meet the requirements. The dates for these airdrops will also be announced in due course.

Alongside the airdrops, we will also be launching a bounty program aimed at promoting Genesis and to help gain some interest and traction. You can expect to see a big push for the Genesis forum too. Before this starts, we will look to do a cleanup of the forum and implement some of the suggestions such as more options available in the store, especially for airdrops and advertising etc.

If you missed last week’s update, you can give it a read here.