Weekly Update: February 19 - Exchanges, Wallet Release, Bounties & More

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In this week’s update, we discuss the current situation with exchanges, our release of the web wallet, future airdrops and bounties, partnerships and more!


I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough trying to get Genesis listed on additional exchanges. It’s been more of a challenge than we had originally anticipated and the need for a new exchange has been amplified by the current issues EtherDelta has been experiencing. New exchanges are probably the most popular discussions surrounding Genesis and we are listening and trying to make headway here. Good news may be on the horizon though!

While we’ve still heard nothing from YoBit, I think it’s safe to assume that’s not happening anytime soon, we should be listed on a new exchange in the next few days. We have sent over all the details required and have paid the listing fee. You can expect an official announcement as soon as we are listed which will hopefully be within the next 48 hours, providing no issues arise. To avoid jinxing it, I won’t name the exchange just yet…


Wallet Release

Last week saw us release the Genesis Web Wallet. In case you missed it, make sure you read the official announcement here for information on how the wallet works, what it is and isn’t and how you can use it.

If you use MetaMask, it would be great if you could try it out and let us know what you think. So far we haven’t heard of any issues so we’re assuming that it is working as intended!

You can access the wallet by visiting wallet.genesiscoin.io


Airdrops & Bounties

At the time of writing this weekly update, there are still 4,500,000 Genesis Coins which are yet to be in circulation. Out of the maximum supply of 16,000,000, only 11.5 million Genesis Coins have been distributed to the community.

Due to our ongoing Genesis HODL Program as well as being able to cover cashing out Genesis Points earned on the forum for Genesis Coins, we have to keep a healthy supply in reserve to cover these commitments.

However as stated last week we will be running an extensive bounty program to get more GEN in the hands of our community as well as helping spread the word about our great community. We’ll be using the bounty to help push adoption for the Genesis Forum too. We will be running this Bounty program from March and will be making preparations over the next week for this.

It is also likely that we’ll run the airdrops we said were planned in December in March as well. Those were two or three small quickfire airdrops which should help drive some more interest.



We’re also looking at any potential partnerships we may be able to form with other projects, marketplaces or merchants. We’re currently scouting what’s out there and what projects may be beneficial for Genesis. This could even be in the form of games which allow tokens to be used as a currency in-game. Nothing is off the table at this stage.

Our aim is to get Genesis to be used as a currency on any platform we can partner with.

If you have any projects in mind that we may be able to create a partnership with please let us know!

Reminder for Genesis Lottery

We announced last week that we would be moving the Genesis Lottery to a monthly draw which will have a large prize pool instead of weekly draws which was our original intentions. The next draw for the lottery takes place this Friday, February 23 at 8pm UK time.

The prize pool for this draw is 20,000 GEN! Tickets are cost 100 GEN and can be purchased with Genesis Points on the forum or by sending GEN to the specified address. Details can be found here.

Tickets must be bought before 7pm on Friday February 23 to be eligible for this draw. If you’re yet to buy any tickets, make sure you don’t miss out and remember, you can buy more than one ticket!