Weekly Update: February 12– Web Wallet Release, Lottery Changes, Giveaway and Bounties!

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Last week was a busy week for us and saw us implement the first version of the new ranking system on the forum. So far it seems to be working as intended which is great. We’ll continue to monitor and improve it as time goes by. As the forum expands, we’ll add more ranks and privileges.

Here’s what you need to know for the week ahead.

Web Wallet Release

We’re pleased to announce that the Web Wallet will be made available this Friday, February 16! We’ll release an official announcement post on Friday which will explain in more detail how it works, what it does and how to use it.

Upon release it will require MetaMask to work and acts like a wallet interface. From the wallet you’ll be able to check your balances, see your address to receive coins, send Genesis Coins and view a transaction log.

Due to requiring MetaMask, the wallet is only accessible to Google Chrome Desktop users at this moment in time. In the future we anticipate that the wallet will also work on mobile and tablet devices in the Chrome browser, although there is no date for this.


Lottery Changes

Following feedback from the first two lottery draws as well as looking at the number of entries, we have decided to make some changes to the Genesis Lottery.

From now on, there will be one monthly lottery draw which will take place on the last Friday of each month, however the prize pool will be substantially larger as a result and will initially be covered by us.

The cost of one ticket will also be reduced from the current price of 150 GEN to only 100 GEN. We hope that these changes will lead to more entries for the lottery and make it more rewarding.

This means that the next draw for the Genesis Lottery will take place on Friday February 23 and will have a prize pool of 20,000 GEN. You can find out how to enter the draw here.

Valentine’s Giveaway

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and to give back a little to our community, we’re pleased to announce that we’re doing a giveaway of Genesis Coins for Valentine’s Day! In total there’s 25,000 GEN up for grabs!

There’s a few different competitions we’re running for this giveaway. The first one is a Valentine’s Day Meme Competition - we want to see the best memes you can come up with! We’ve created a thread on the forum so that you can share your memes! The best three memes will each receive 5,000 Genesis Coins!

The second competition is a simple retweet and follow on Twitter. We’ll post a tweet and all you have to do is retweet it and make sure you’re following us! We’ll pick one winner at random to win 5,000 Genesis Coins!

For the final prize of 5,000 Genesis Coins, we want to hear your best, or worst, Valentine’s Day experiences! Share your stories in this thread and we’ll choose the best one. The stories must not be overly sexual though!



To help generate some buzz and spread the word about Genesis, we’re going to be running a bounty program again. We’re in the process of planning the bounties and will post further details shortly. In addition to the bounty program, we are also looking at running a further airdrop. Airdrops are great for attracting interest and we feel that’s what we need right now. More details to follow shortly.