If you’re interested in owning some Genesis Coins, you’re in luck as there are several ways to get your hands on some!


At present, we’re currently running a free Airdrop for Genesis Coins which anyone can take part in. This will be the first opportunity to own some Genesis Coins and will see the coin officially released to the public. If you would like to take part, you check out this page here for more details.


If you missed the Airdrop or want to acquire more Genesis Coins, we have a Bounty system in place with a total pool of 2,500,000 Genesis Coins to reward our community with. To find out how you can earn these Genesis Coins, we’ve set up a Bounty Page specifically for this which you can visit here. Some examples include helping to spread the word of Genesis Coin, following us on Twitter and writing articles and posts. There are a load more but those are just a few of the things you can do to earn Genesis Coins.


You can also earn some Genesis Coins by donating Ether to the project. More details can be found here.


A further 1,000,000 Genesis Coins will be dripped out to members of the community over the next year. More details to follow.


Genesis Coin is also listed on some exchanges meaning that you can now trade Genesis Coins. Below is a list of all exchanges we are featured on:






Right now, Genesis isn’t a full-time project. That’s because unfortunately, bills need to be paid and that means that for now at least, we have other jobs to help pay for our monthly expenses.


Of course, we would love to work on Genesis full-time. Being able to dedicate all of our time to the project would be our dream and we’re confident that one day we will be in a position to achieve that. We have big ambitions and some big ideas planned for the future.


To help us achieve this dream and help move Genesis forward at a faster pace, we are allowing anyone who wishes to, to contribute to the project by donating.
Donating any amount of Ether is most definitely not expected and anyone who does donate will have our full appreciation and gratitude.


Any donations made before November 31 2017 will be rewarded with the following amounts of Genesis Coin. Only 325,600 Genesis Coins are available for donations.


1 Ether = 40000 Genesis Coins

0.5 Ether = 20000 Genesis Coins

0.1 Ether = 4000 Genesis Coins


You can donate to Genesis by sending Ether to:




Everyone who does donate to the project until November 31 will be entered into a prize draw to win free Genesis Coins. There will be three winners whose addresses will be chosen at random on December 1.


Winner: 100,000 Genesis Coins

2nd Place: 70,000 Genesis Coins

3rd Place: 30,000 Genesis Coins



All donations will go towards the running of Genesis as well as helping to get Genesis Coin listed on additional exchanges.



By sending Ether to the address above, you accept that you are donating to the Genesis project. You are receiving some Genesis Coins to show our appreciation for donating to the project. After November 31, donations will no longer reward 5000 Genesis Coins per 1 Ether.