To distribute Genesis Coins amongst the community, we are running a free Airdrop.


The Genesis Coin Airdrop will be done in four phases. Each phase will have a limited amount of coins to airdrop. This is as follows:


Initial Airdrop: 2,500,000 Genesis Coins (October 20)

Second Airdrop: 2,250,000 Genesis Coins (October 31)

Third Airdrop: 2,500,000 Genesis Coins (November 10)

Final Airdrop: 2,750,000 Genesis Coins (November 19)


Each Airdrop phase will reward a different amount of Genesis Coins per person, meaning that only a limited number of people will receive coins at each phase. Everyone who is successful at that phase will receive the same amount each. This is as follows:


Initial Airdrop: 625 people receiving 4000 Genesis Coins each

Second Airdrop: 750 people receiving 3000 Genesis Coins each

Third Airdrop: 1000 people receiving 2500 Genesis Coins each

Final Airdrop: 1375 people receiving 2000 Genesis Coins each


That means that a total of 3750 people will be receiving a free Airdrop of Genesis Coins.


We decided to spread out the distribution of Genesis Coins in this way to give everyone a fair opportunity to take part in the Airdrop. While this Airdrop is done on a first come, first serve basis, we want to make sure that everyone has a chance, regardless of how early or late you discovered Genesis.


To take part in the Airdrop, please read this here and follow the instructions.


We aim to distribute Genesis Coins as quickly as possible, however please allow up to 24 hours from the time of completing the form to receive your coins. If there are any delays, please check our social media platforms where we will keep everyone up to date.


You are only eligible to apply to take part in one Airdrop phase and one Airdrop phase only. Anyone found applying more than once will not receive any further Genesis Coins.


Below you can see the full Genesis Coin Distribution. There will be a fixed supply of 16,000,000 million coins.