Weekly Update: January 8 – Genesis Forum, Wallet Development, Exchanges & More

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We’re back from the holidays (although to be honest we never truly left) and that means the return of the weekly update on a Monday! 2018 is a big year for cryptocurrencies and of course, Genesis, so we’ve got some big plans as the new year gets fully underway.

Genesis Forum

The reception we have received regarding the Genesis Forum has been great, we’re so glad that everyone seems to be enjoying the forum and buying into our vision. Of course, it hasn’t been without its issues but we’ve laid the foundations which will allow us to expand the forum in the future. It’s amazing to have so many people on board at such an early stage too! So far we haven’t done any marketing or real promotion of the forum outside of our Twitter account so we’re really pleased that we’re close to hitting 800 registered members in just a few weeks.

Over the holidays, we also made some big changes to the Genesis Forum. One of the major additions was an upgraded points system which now allows members to earn points automatically for contributing. Previously points had to be assigned manually by us so as you can understand, this frees up a lot of time now.

When you create a topic or post a reply, you’ll receive points in your Spending Account. This can be viewed by clicking on My Balance in the menu bar. You’ll see a transaction log which will tell you how many points you earned and what for. This is still a work in progress though and the values rewarded are likely to change in the future.

Unfortunately, we have people who have attempted to game the system. As a result, replies in the Introduction section will no longer reward any points. This is because people were point farming by replying with “Hi” in every single thread. We have also had to disable transferring points between users as again, people were creating multiple accounts and sending points to cash out for Genesis Coins.

We should have seen this coming but it is still sad nonetheless that there are people who are ultimately in it for greed and are willing to jeopardise what we are creating to make a few bucks. We will be coming down hard on anyone who violates any of the rules which have also been updated. These can be viewed here.

A few weeks ago we also posted an advert for some moderators for the forum. We will be reviewing all applications shortly and will come to a decision. We will make an official announcement and contact any successful applicants when we’re ready to do so.

Web Wallet Development

Sneak Peek 😉

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on the roadmap on our website will have noticed that development of the Genesis web wallet has been progressing at a rapid pace. There’s a few final things to iron out before it’s ready to go live but we hope to have it ready sooner rather than later.

We’re really excited and can’t wait for the community to get their hands on it.


We know how much our community want Genesis to be added to more exchanges and it’s great to see the enthusiasm for getting Genesis listed elsewhere. Currently we’re only trading on EtherDelta and IDEX, although pretty much all trading currently is happening on EtherDelta.

We have a thread on the forums asking people for suggestions for what exchanges are realistic for Genesis. There’s been some great suggestions so we will look to get the ball rolling and make applications in due course.

Right now we’re aiming for low – middle tier exchanges as they are the most suitable exchanges for Genesis right now. There’s a long way to go before we’re able to hit the big exchanges so please be patient. We have made one application to an additional exchange and will be making another application to a second exchange this week. Stay tuned for announcements in the future!