Weekly Update: December 23 – The Year so Far & We’re Signing Off for the Holidays!

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It’s been a busy few months since we launched Genesis back in October. The reception we have received has been beyond our wildest dreams and while there has been bumps along the road, the past few months have shown us what a truly great community we have that has formed around Genesis and without you guys, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The Year so Far

Since October, the Genesis community and brand has grown substantially and for that we are grateful. It gives us even more motivation heading into the new year which we’re confident will be the biggest one yet for Cryptocurrency.

Some of the things we have achieved and completed since October include:

Completing 4 very large airdrops, distributing well over 8 million Genesis Coins to the community for free.

Being listed on EtherDelta, IDEX and Decentrex.

Surpassing 3000 telegram members.

Gaining 5800 Twitter Followers.

Reaching 39,000 views on Bitcointalk.

Creating and opening The Genesis Forum, currently sitting at 360+ registered members.

Without you, we would never have come close to doing all of the above. We have remained true to our word and we appreciate every bit of support we receive. We’re committed to making Genesis a truly community driven cryptocurrency and have big plans for the next year and beyond.

One of our biggest releases though has been The Genesis Forum. It’s great to see so many people enjoying it and relationships being formed. It really has allowed Genesis to reach a new level when it comes to community that previously was not possibly. If you still haven’t joined it, now is as good a time as any! Not only that, but if you’re quick you can still take part in The Great Genesis Christmas Giveaway!


Looking towards 2018, our main aims for the year will be:

Finishing the distribution of Genesis Coins.

Releasing of our web wallet.

Further improvements to The Genesis Forum.

More Exchanges.

Begin Merchant Adoption.

Growing the Genesis brand.

Starting Independent Blockchain Development.

In the New Year we will go into more detail about what we have planned and our intentions moving forward and with your support, 2018 will be an awesome year to be a member of the Genesis Community.

Holiday Break

As the festive season rolls into full swing, we’ll be taking time off over the next two weeks to relax, spend time with family and prepare ourselves for 2018. Our break will start from December 23 and we’ll return in full capacity on January 3.

You’ll likely still see us around here and there and we’ll keep monitoring things however don’t expect as regular communication or development until after the holiday season has finished.

If you sign up to the forum, you will still receive your bonus for registering however please be patient and allow some time before you receive it due to the holidays.

Thanks for being a part of the Genesis community in 2017.


That’s us done for 2017! We hope you all enjoy the holiday season wherever in the world you may be. We’ll see you in 2018!