Weekly Update November 20 – Last Airdrop, What Happens Next & The Future

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As this post goes live, we’re busy going through all of the applications for Airdrop 4, our biggest and final airdrop for Genesis. Therefore this weekly update will be shorter than usual but we want to briefly discuss Airdrop 4 and share with you what happens next and what the plan is for Genesis moving forward.


Airdrop 4

The application form for Airdrop 4 is closed meaning that no more applications are being accepted. We’re busying checking and verifying each application. Due to how big this airdrop is and the amount of applications received, this is a lengthy process so please be patient.

We’re checking each application to ensure that every person who receives an airdrop meets all of the requirements and hasn’t received an airdrop before. This is really important to us as we want the distribution of Genesis to be as fair as possible.

As usual, we’ve already had to reject a number of applications as they either posted the wrong links in the form or did not meet all of the requirements. If your address is not added to the spreadsheet once we have processed all applications, it means that your application got rejected for one of the reasons above.

There are 1825 places up for grabs to receive an airdrop of 2000 GEN each. We are hopeful that we will have 1825 successful applications. In the event that we do not have enough people to fulfil the airdrop due to the amount of rejected applications, we will decide how best to distribute the remainder of GEN. This may be in the form of several mini airdrops depending on the amount left.

As we check each application, the successful addresses get added to our internal spreadsheet. We then add these addresses in large batches to the public spreadsheet so you can track the progress of the airdrop and to see if you’ve been added yet or not. If your address is not on the spreadsheet yet, it probably means we haven’t looked at your application yet so don’t worry.

You can view the spreadsheet here. Make sure you go to the Airdrop 4 tab at the bottom. – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16y0U3ZhkILfpG1amS-uEuGHSUa4H5sAO4f-jts62y9I

We will start sending GEN as soon as possible. Please allow until Friday November 24 for every application to be checked and GEN sent. We will try to ensure this is completed as quickly as possible.


What Happens Next?


As this is the last airdrop, it means that we can start spending more time on developing and working on Genesis. We’ve already released our roadmap for 2017 and we will release our roadmap for 2018 on December 31.

In the short term, we will continue to look for additional exchanges to add Genesis to.  There are a lot of factors that decide whether or not we get listed on an exchange, it’s not as easy as some people seem to think it is. For us, it’s important that we get added to the right exchanges at the right time, and that may mean paying a listing fee. Therefore it is imperative that this is done at the right time to allow us to take full advantage.

Our team will also be holding a meeting over the next week to discuss the plan moving forward and ways we can evolve Genesis more. The community is central to Genesis and you will be able to help shape the future and what path we go down.

We recently put up a poll on Twitter asking what people would like to see next for Genesis. A web wallet won the vote with 37% with working towards Merchant Adoption coming in a close second with 32%. Nearly a quarter of people wanted to see a community forum with a voting dApp getting just 7% of the vote.



It is likely that we will also conduct a survey soon to gain a better understanding of our community, your needs and what you want out of Genesis.

We can’t wait to work on the next phase of Genesis.

New Website & Forum


We will be re-designing the website in due course to better reflect Genesis and our brand. We feel there are a number of areas that could be improved, especially with the responsive design of the site. The website will also better get across our message and emphasis on community.

We’re also looking to get a forum up and running soon. A community forum was something we wanted to offer our community sooner rather than later and we’re glad to see that in the poll it got quite a lot of votes. We don’t have a timeline as to when this will be launched but we aiming to have it ready before the end of the year.

However the forum will not be decentralised or built on Ethereum, at least not at this moment in time. There are number of problems with having a decentralised forum on the blockchain that we feel would hinder adoption and access to the forum, especially for newcomers to cryptocurrency who are a demographic we want to target. We will look to incorporate Genesis coin into the forum though and will likely offer a number of rewards and incentives for participation.