Weekly Update November 6 – Airdrops, Listings, Development & More

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The past week has definitely kept everyone on the Genesis team on their toes, that’s for sure. While the airdrop has taken up most of our time, what with verifying each application manually before sending the airdrop out, we have made some steady progress in other areas that we would like to share with you.


But before we talk about that, let’s discuss the second airdrop and the upcoming one that will go live this Friday.




The second airdrop was for 750 people however we have failed to hit that limit despite receiving over 950 applications within half an hour of opening up the form. This led to us conducting a smaller airdrop on Friday to make up the numbers. Unfortunately, we’re still a bit short of fulfilling the 750 places.


That’s because out of over 1200 applications we had received between both airdrop, less than 700 were approved. That’s because a lot of forms were filled out incorrectly, such as including the wrong links or addresses. Not only that, but a number of applications also did not meet the requirements that we had set out for Airdrop 2. These included your Bitcointalk account being created on or before October 18, needing to display your Eth address on your profile and following and retweeting us on twitter.


That means there is still just over 250,000 GEN left to distribute from the second airdrop account, a decision will be made how best to distribute this however the most likely thing we’ll do is add it to the last airdrop to allow more people to get on-board.


If there was one error on your application, it got rejected. It’s as simple as that. Therefore it is vitally important that you ensure that you have met all of the requirements before applying for future airdrops. Once you are happy you do meet them, please make sure that your form is filled out properly with the correct links linking to your profile and twitter.


Everyone who successfully met the requirements and filled out the form correctly have had their addresses added to the Airdrop Spreadsheet and should have received their 3000 GEN. Please check to see if your address is on the spreadsheet.


If it is not, it is for the reasons above. Please do not come onto Telegram asking where is your GEN or why your address is not on the spreadsheet. You will be referred back to this post.


Third Airdrop


The third airdrop will begin on Friday November 10 at 11am UK time. This airdrop is for 1000 people and will give each successful applicant 2500 GEN each.


To find out what time the airdrop is in your country, please go to Google or any other search engine and search: “11am UK time in (enter your country)”. It will tell you the exact time. We are not able to tell you what time the airdrop is for your country so please do not ask.


We will release another blog post on Wednesday detailing the rules and requirements for the third airdrop and it will include everything you need to know.


CoinCodex Listing and CoinMarketCap


As some of you may know if you’ve been following our Twitter account, Genesis got added to CoinCodex which is a big step for us.


If you’re unfamiliar with CoinCodex, it’s very similar to CoinMarketCap in that it displays the current price of each cryptocurrency along with other details such as a list of exchanges, trading volume, marketcap, 24 hour change etc.


Being listed means that you can now view all of these details and track Genesis in real time. You can track Genesis on CoinCodex here.


As for CoinMarketCap, it’s a question we get asked a lot and there’s a simply answer. We can’t put a definitive date on when we will be added as you have to meet a certain requirement to be added. In order to be added, we need to reach $10k trading volume in one 24 hour period. Once that is reached, we will make the application and will be added to CoinMarketCap.


Please be patient and be sure to spread the word of Genesis.




We still get asked quite a lot if Genesis is available to trade on any exchanges and the answer is yes. We’re currently trading on EtherDelta here.


Another question we get asked a lot is when will we be added to other exchanges. As per our Roadmap, our aim is to be listed on at least one new exchange in November. We are in contact with some exchanges and hope to have an announcement to make shortly. Stay tuned but rest assured that work is being done behind the scenes to get Genesis onto more exchanges.


Thanks to the donations we have received so far, we are also in a position where we can pay listing fees to be listed on certain exchanges. If we go down this route, we will pay the fee and get listed at a time when we feel it would be most beneficial to Genesis. Timing is crucial.




Last week I revealed that very very early work had started on the Genesis voting app. While that still is the case, on Saturday I took an hour out to make a very simple and basic prototype. Of course, it is very basic and rough around the edges but I was able to get votes to be registered on my private network. That is the starting point and will be used to make the app more advanced.




As it works right now, once you’re connected to the Blockchain, in this case via MetaMask, you type in the option you want to vote for and click Vote. Providing you have enough Ether in your balance to pay the transaction fee, the vote will be registered to the blockchain with the votes column being updated to show your vote. You have to type in your option exactly as it appears in the column or your vote won’t be registered.


Of course, that’s not very practical as that means that anyone with a little bit of Ether could vote on matters regarding Genesis. Not only that, it’s not really ideal to have people type out their option manually. These are all design decisions that will have to be made and then incorporated into development. Once development properly starts on the voting app, it will require Genesis Coins to vote.


Please note that the above image is not a representation of the final app and its functionality. It’s just a very rough and basic prototype to show you what I got up to and to hopefully show that it is actually in the works.