Details for Airdrop 2.1 on Friday November 3

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It’s been a busy week following the launch of our second airdrop. It was a huge success as we quickly hit the limit within 30 minutes. In all, around 950 applications were received to join the second airdrop, however only 507 applications were successful.


This airdrop was for 750 participants to receive 3000 GEN each. We had made several changes to how applications were made to ensure that cheaters and duplicate accounts did not receive an airdrop. We’re pleased to say that we caught a lot of cheaters and therefore prevented them from receiving an airdrop.


Unfortunately a lot of the applications also got rejected as they failed to meet the requirements or did not fill in the form correctly. Just over half of all applications were completed correctly and therefore will be receiving an airdrop.


That of course leaves us needing to fill 243 places to make up the 750 spots. Therefore we will be opening up the airdrop form again on Friday November 3 at 12pm UK time. 


Due to the small size of the airdrop, we expect the limit to be reached quickly so it is important you are quick. However it is even more important that you meet all of the requirements and fill out the form correctly.


We are not responsible for your applications so any applications that are not completed correctly will be rejected. Please make sure that you fill out the form correctly and provide the right links.


Here is an example of a correctly filled out form.


Bitcointalk Username:



Bitcointalk Profile URL:;u=1209476


Twitter Profile URL:

Retweet a tweet from @TheGenesisProject and paste in the URL of your profile. We will check your profile to make sure you are following us and have retweeted.

DO NOT post the URL of our Tweet!


Telegram ID:

Add in your telegram username here.


Rules for Airdrop:

1) You are only eligible to take part in one Airdrop phase and one Airdrop phase only. Anyone found applying more than once will not receive any further Genesis Coins. If you are unsuccessful in one airdrop round, you are able to apply for a future airdrop. This rule only applies if you received coins already in our airdrop.

2) BitcoinTalk Accounts Must Have Been Created Before October 18! Any accounts newer than this will not be accepted.

3) DO NOT post your Ethereum Address as a reply. It is against the rules and you will not receive your airdrop!

4) You must join our telegram group

5) You must follow us on twitter and ‘retweet’ atleast 1 post from the Genesis handle. 

6) You must put your ETH Public address in the ‘location’ field of your Bitcointalk profile page. This address must match the address you submit in the airdrop form.


The Airdrop Application Form will open on November 3 at 12pm UK time. You can find the form here:–7qpnIGW8OUrFiddGSJ6tnsOI/


Successful applications will be added onto the spreadsheet for Airdrop 2 here:


To summarise, an airdrop for 243 people will open tomorrow, November 3, at 12pm UK Time. If your address is not on the spreadsheet, that means your application got rejected. You can apply again for this airdrop.


Make sure you fill out the form correctly.