Here’s Everything You Need to Know For Genesis Airdrop Round 2

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As we’re getting closer to our second airdrop, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about when it is, how to apply and whether or not you can apply again if you went for the first airdrop. In this post, we’ll answer these questions, explain how the airdrop will work and tell you what you need to do to take part.


In this airdrop, there will be a total of 2,250,000 Genesis Coins up for grabs. However unlike the first airdrop, there are more places available this time around. There will be a total of 750 people receiving an airdrop of 3000 Genesis Coins each.


A spreadsheet showing all of the addresses will be updated to show the progress of each airdrop. If when you apply there are not 750 addresses on the spreadsheet, it does not mean that you will definitely receive an airdrop. This is because the spreadsheet is not live as each application gets manually checked. For example, the spreadsheet may only display 200 addresses but the 750 places may have already been filled. In time all 750 addresses will be added to the spreadsheet.


Please note that each application will be checked for duplicate, multi accounts and suspicious accounts. We will not distribute an airdrop to anyone who is suspected of foul play.






1) When does the Airdrop Start?


The airdrop starts on October 31. The form will be made available to fill out at 6pm GMT on October 31.


Here are a list of times depending on your region:

UK: 18.00

Central Europe: 19.00

East Coast (USA): 13.00

West Coast (USA): 11.00

Indonesia 01.00


2) How many people will get an airdrop?


750 People will get an airdrop.



3) How many Genesis Coins will each person receive?


Each person will receive 3000 Genesis Coins.


4) I applied for the first airdrop and received my coins. Can I apply again?


No. You can only apply successfully for one airdrop.


5) I applied for the first airdrop but I didn’t receive any coins. Can I apply again?


Yes! If you applied before but didn’t receive an airdrop, you can apply again.


6) When will the airdrops be sent out?


Airdrops will start being sent out on a first come, first serve basis as soon as the airdrop goes live.


Please allow until Friday 4th November for all airdrops to be sent out.



7) How do I know if I was successful?


There will be a spreadsheet that will show all the addresses that have made it into the airdrop.


To view it go here and select the “Airdrop 2” tab at the bottom of the page.



8) I applied but didn’t receive my airdrop


Unfortunately there are only 750 places available and that means not everyone will be successful. We will do our best to ensure that the form is closed as soon as possible after reaching 750 applications, however we can not guarantee that everyone will be successful.


We will NOT reply to anyone asking where is their airdrop or asking why they didn’t receive any coins even though they applied.


How to Take Part in the Airdrop:


Reply to the Announcement thread on Bitcointalk or CryptoRoom with a constructive message or question. Messages such as “hello awesome project” or “joined” will not be accepted


Fill in this form here:–7qpnIGW8OUrFiddGSJ6tnsOI/


In the form you must include your Bitcointalk or CryptoRoom username, a link to your profile and a link to your message on the announcement thread proving it was you.


We will reward the 100 most CONSTRUCTIVE messages or discussions with 300 additional tokens each.


Airdrop Rules



1) You are only eligible to take part in one Airdrop phase and one Airdrop phase only. Anyone found applying more than once will not receive any further Genesis Coins. If you are unsuccessful. you are able to apply for a future airdrop. This rule only applies if you received coins already in our airdrop.

2) BitcoinTalk Accounts Must Have Been Created Before October 18! Any accounts newer than this will not be accepted.

3) DO NOT post your Ethereum Address as a reply. It is against the rules and you will not receive your airdrop!

4) You must reply to the thread stating that you filled out the form to help us verify legitimate Bitcointalk profiles. It must be a constructive post.

5) You must join our telegram group

6) You must follow us on twitter and ‘retweet’ atleast 1 post from the Genesis handle. 

7) You must put your ETH Public address in the ‘location’ field of your Bitcointalk profile page. This address must match the address you submit in the airdrop form.


APPLY for Airdrop here:–7qpnIGW8OUrFiddGSJ6tnsOI/


Follow the progress of the Airdrop and see if you were successful by checking here: