Welcome to Genesis Coin

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Welcome to Genesis Coin!


All of our hard work is about to pay off as head towards the official launch of Genesis Coin. We’re all very excited to see the community get their hands on Genesis and help build a thriving, active and passionate community.


In case you’re not aware, Genesis Coin is an ERC20 token that has been built on Ethereum. That means that we get to use all the advantages of the Ethereum chain, the most crucial of which are speed, security and flexibility.


However unlike a lot of other tokens that have released recently, we’re not trying to ride on the back of another coin’s success. Instead, we want to build something unique to us so that we can look back one day and say that we earned any success we get. Our community will play a vital role in helping spread the word and ensuring that Genesis succeeds. That’s why we’re putting you at the centre of what we do.


Some of the key features of Genesis Coin are:


Speed: 15 Second Blocktime

Security: Secured by the Ethereum Blockchain

Flexibility: dApps can be created and integrated with Genesis

Fixed Supply: Only 16,000,000 Genesis Coins

Compatibility: Genesis is compatible with any ERC20 token wallet such as MyEtherWallet, Mist and MetaMask, to name a few

Open-Source: Our project is open-source meaning you can view all the code

dApps: Development on Web Wallet and Decentralised Genesis Exchange starts soon


We intend on Genesis being more than just a coin. We want it to be a platform. This is explained in more detail in our documentation which you can read here. However 2017 is focused on distributing Genesis Coins to the community and growing from there.


We’ve already released our Roadmap for 2017 which you can view below:



To launch Genesis Coin, we will be releasing coins to the community via four airdrops spread throughout October and November. To learn more about our airdrop and how you can take part, head over to our Airdrop page.


We will also be holding an AMA on Reddit to answer any questions from the community regarding Genesis Coin and the Genesis Platform. It will kick off at 20.00 CET on Friday October 20. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Subreddit too!


Genesis has a bright future and we can’t wait to get started!